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CBS 58
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A very complex site, which we are very proud to have designed from the ground up. The site currently is serving over 10,000 unique visitors per day along with a half a million page views per month. The site uses 3 dedicated servers to deliver content which we maintain and host. One server for the website files, a server for the database (which delivers content) and a server to deliver videos. The site has many unique features from online contests to weather maps and much much more, all designed by us.
The Armed Forces Foundation
Washington, D.C.
We are very proud to be associated with the Armed Forces Foundation and the great work they do. The site features a very unique navigation system and a custom designed layout. We handle all the maintenance and updates for the AFF website. The Armed Forces Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to proving solace to members of the Armed Forces community during their time of greatest need.